Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trip to the cowboy land

Alright, kalau sape2 yg baca post iv fellowship UMP aku mesti tahu yg aku memang aim nk sambung dkt Texas
Texas was my very first choice!!
And i did applied to Uni of Texas at Austin tp xde rezeki
jodoh dgn cactus land lagi kuat hehe

kawan aku yg pergi iv fellowship sama2 dulu,dia yg dpt texas!!!
so apa lg,aku pon memg xkan lepaskan peluang utk visit
so lepas balik from NYC, xsempat tido, terus unpack luggage and pack barang ke Texas sbb i have to catch the flight the morning after
i didn't expect Dallas to be cold taw
pergi sana pakai jacket biasa je la
not the thick one
tp sampai2 je dallas, 2 degree, i was like menggigil masa tunggu my friend(kak fiza) and her husband (abg refie) dtg pick me up at the airport

diorang tinggal dekat college station sbb kakfiza smbg phd dekat Texas A&M Uni
it was 2 hours driving xsilap from dallas
we spent the night dekat hotel somewhere in dallas sbb diorang kena pergi wedding sedaa abg refie yg tinggal dkt dallas
the next day we drove back to college station
it was a small town and not so busy like tempe and phoenix
lg aman aku rasa
kat tempe ni serabut dgn ramai manusia 
i like it!!
i spent 5 days with them

diorang bawak pergi jalan2 dkt austin which is 1 hour plus drive
singgah la dkt uni idaman i (Uni of Texas at Austin)
it was sooooo beautiful!!!
i like austin so much!!!
rasa mcm nk g lagi
visit capitol city

xde pergi jalan2 sgt masa kt texas sbb abg refie keje and kakfiza pon ada research group meeting
masa kakfiza meeting,aku lepak libry uni dia
boleh catch up dgn my research reading
sunyi sgt kampus sbb most student balik kampung kan
yg tinggal graduate student je ler

kakfiza request me to cook nasi kerabu
kitorang pergi shopping dekat asian market dkt dallas
beli semua keperluan utk masak nasi kerabu
best giler dpt masak sama2 like old times
if u guys didn't know,kakfiza used to be my roomate masa undergrad and my housemate masa buat master kt unisza dulu
that is why we are so closed
kakfiza dah kenal dah aku ni mcm mana and she know how to handle my craziness pretty well hahahhaha
good friends stick forever guys
in life, we may have hundreds of friend but only the good one will stay with us *mata masuk habuk guys* haha

and i think that all for now
and obviously there will be a bunch more post on texas trip haha
sbb kak fiza is expecting and for sure i will go visit!!! :P
they are my family here.. family kena visit slalu right heheh...
lagipon it is easier for me to travel because i'm single
for them to come here, that will cost them a lot, so i'm willing to go heheh
serious xsabar nk jumpa baby diorang
i have to start shopping baby attire very soon!!!

big breakfast at Phoenix airport before boarding my flight to Dallas

hello Texas!!!


ni dekat Dallas outlet...shopping jappp

Kakfiza bawak tour at Texas A&M uni

Acting tourist guide in action haha

nasi kerabu yummmm

This is the moment!!! Uni of Texas at Austin!!! I supposed to go here but Arizona is my destiny hehe

the famous clock tower of this uni

Over-reacting photographer in action hahahah

chillin and lepaking at Texas Capitol

halal fried chicken in Dallas before going back to Arizona

Until next time...

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