Thursday, July 12, 2018

My San Diego Trips (part 1)

Okay now I really feel watch to catch up on writing about my trips
so 2017 was fun
I went to San Diego twice!
I really love it there
the first one was with my girls during summer break before fall 2017 begin
the second one was with my husband during Christmas holiday
both were really fun

so this part i will share my first trip 
we rent a car from phoenix and drove all the way to California
its just 5 hours driving from tempe to california
we didn't go straight  to san diego but we stopped by LA
before entering LA, we stopped by pasadena just to try the famous sushi place suggested by BuzzFeed

then we spend the night in santa monica
walk by the beach at night
it was fun
the next day we have our trip to LA
that was not my first time
we just want to entertain my friend's sister
nothing much in LA
we went to walk of fame, beverly hills, tour to the hollywood sign
at the end of the day, we drove to san diego
check in at another hotel
the next day, we begin our journey to visit san diego
we wnt to the famous la jolla beach
why that beach is famous?
because they have seal and sea lion
not the one that we saw at the zoo
this one is the wild one
nature brings them to that beach
we get to see them up close but adviced not to touch or feed them
that's the main attraction of san diego i believe
then we went to kissing statue
there's a story behind that statue
about one us navy fall in love with the chef (i believe so hahaha)
then we drove back to tempe
one horror story happened on our way back to tempe

while i was driving, i took an exit to fill up the gas
then, the GPS gives me choice to not use the freeway
instead, it suggested me to use the local road
i was so dumb to listen to that GPS
we ended up driving on a dark killing road
the most terrifying was san diego and mexico are very close to each other
i was so scared that time
i don't know why i keep on driving
i should've turned back around after one mile driving on that road
but instead, i keep going
it was around 60 miles
we came across less than 10 cars
imagine that
no road lights
only 2 lane road
dah la semua girls dalam kereta 
masa tu memg doa and istighfar dekat Allah je

alhamdulillah we made it to tempe before midnight
i promise myself to not lalu that jalan anymore
but i was wrong
it happened again when i went to san diego with my husband
i will tell the details in the next part
enjoy the pictures

happy girls with pomegranate drink

close to the hollywood sign

the dog beach

somebosy's house at beverly hills...lupa dah rumah sape

La Jolla beach

 downtown san diego...lots of authentic mexican food

the kissing statue

Tuesday, July 10, 2018



It's been a while huh since my last post... a  year ago 
rasa macam sekelip mata je
1 year have passed by,just like thattttt
Tahun baru, banyak benda baru yang bakal I kongsi dengan u guys
Okay, major thing that I want to share is I DAH KAHWIN!! (almost 8 months dah)
Yeah it happened just like that
out of the blue
even me myself couldn't believe it at the first point haha
But yeah, Allah knows best

So, we start the new year together, Ramadhan and eid together
it's a whole new world
like seriously
everything is changing in a good way
love life, research life is getting better Alhamdulillah
The key is just to be patient and strive for the best
don't ever stop making dua to Allah because nothing is impossible for Him
Remember that guys

I can still recall when I went to Makkah
I make a serious dua to Allah
about send me the right man to be my spouse
alhamdulillah Allah granted my wish
one thing that u need to remember is, be specific when making Dua
as specific as u can
for example, if u want your spouse is a non-smoker, make dua for that
all tiny little thing, ask Allah
and insyaAllah he will give u
and while waiting, be prepared
prepare yourself  to be a good partner, learn how to cook, how to clean and everything
because it's crucial even though we don't have to do all those things but the key to becoming a good wife is all those skills right?
most husband will have the expectation that his wife is capable to do all those things and the best is, he will help u!!!
what is more beautiful than doing all house chores together guys
that's the best quality time to spend after a whole week being busy at work right

please don't be stress
because it will not give u any good
just go with the flow
as for me, I am happy with what I have now
Alhamdulillah no complain
and I hope u guys can be happy with everything that u have to
yes, we have to try to be better but at the same time, be content with what we have for now and at the same time, try to improve and be better

oh anyway, back to my marriage story
we met only a couple of months before we decide to get married
shocking right?
at first,t we just talking and suddenly it became serious
and we start to pray istikharah every night to ask Allah if we are the right person for each other
if u ask me, honestly i said, i was freaking out
because i just knew him
but our feeling towards each other is very strong
its like we've known each other for long
the moment he propose, i didn't expect that
and my answer was "insyaAllah let me ask my ummi first" hahah
of course its unexpected okay
plus dia bukan melayu hehe
lagi la macam2 bisikan syaitan dtg kan
we heard a lot of stories before bila malaysian kawen dgn org asing
but alhamdulillah, Allah sends me the right one
even if u marry malay, its never confirmed that u will be happy right
the main thing that we have to focus on is his religion, how he practice Islam, do you see him leading prayer every day for solat? do you see him become the father of your kids?
do you him become the brother to your sibling? do you see him become the son to your parent?
if you see all this, that's mean insyaAllah he's the right one no matter what race or where he's from

akad nikah performed by the imam and 2 witnesses which is my friend and my husband's friend

 selamat pengantin baru okay kat atas kek tu hahahah terbaik2 budak2 ni tempah and suruh the baker tulis in malay

our wedding photoshoot just close to our house

when we decide to get married here, Ummi was planning to come but it didn't happen because my sister xleh dpt cuti
she's a doctor and was very busy
so my brother pass the waliy responsibility to the Imam here
he sent the imam an email and also a phone call
Alhamdulillah Imam perform our nikah on 17/11/17
I'm official a wife

Now back to my PhD jorney
I'm entering my fourth year now
Almost done with coursework, only 1 class left
My research is about 40% done and targeting to submit another 2 journal paper before I can defense my proposal
US system is different, you must be done almost 80% to take proposal defense and few month after that you can have your thesis defense
semua ni should be between 1-2 semester
so, im planning to graduate in Fall 2019, insyaAllah everything is on track now

group meeting every friday

what keeps me alive every morning

I will be attending an international conference next month to present my research
this will be my second international conference that i attend
it would be fun because it will be out of US
time to explore new world
i will update my journey for that after i return to the US

Friday, July 14, 2017

Celebrating Eid in the cactus land


masa aku balik from trip to malaysia, it was May22
ramadhan begin on May27
so sempt la rilex jap before start ramadhan
sepanjang ramdhan kt sini memg sgt happening
masjid provide free iftar everydayand during 10 last days of ramadhan,diorang buat qiamullail everyday sekali dgn sahur lg provided

so kitorang pon apa lg
memg most of the time berbukan kt masjid
sbb not bad makanan dia
nasi arab everyday hahah
just tukar protein je
and akan ada makcik2 somali yg buat roti macam ala2 chakoi
sedap giler
hari2 mesti cari kuih tu hehe

kitorang sempat join qiam kt masjid sekali je
sbb semua ambik summer klas kan
so qiam kt rmah je lah haha
masa join prog qiam tu best sgt
ada ceramah 2 session and solat tahjud
kitorang stay terus after tarawih

tarawih sini buat 8 rakaat je
tp lama sebab dia habiskan 1 juz every night
so around 11 baru hbis tarawih

raya this year agak happening because we have couple of new people in our life
ada 2 org aunty and dgn diorang punya family
first daya raya jatuh on sunday
we are lucky enough sbb boleh pergo solat sunat hari raya pagi tu
gigih naik light rail pergi phoenix
sbb masjid tempe xbuat solat raya
xmuat katanya
happening sgt solat raya sbb boleh tgk pelbagai bangsa,pelbagai gaya masing2 gayakan
then after that teru balik rumah and ada open house dkt rumah my friend
kitorang pergi 2 days before sbb nk tolong diorang with everything for preparation
smgt hoi malam raya xtido
masak macam2
menu yg kitorang masak: nasi hujan panas,kurma ayam, pulut kuning, rendang daging,nasi himpit,kuah kacang
a week before raya smgt ni buat kuih raya haha
buat semperit, cornflakes madu,jejari oat and popia nestum
and ads jugak 3 jenis kuih raya yg aku sempat beli masa balik malaysia hari tu
memg meriah raya kali ni

the next day dah kena g skolah
tp xhabis lg
the weekend after which is Syawal7,kitorang berkampung dekat rumah kak carol
dia punya turn pulak buat open house
so apa lg
3days 2 nights kt sana
masak nasi arab, satay, rendang, ayam masak merah,kuah kacang,nasi himpit,lemang,ketupat
nasib baik ada boys semangat bakar satay haha
ada lg kak carol beli kek lapis la, seafood la....table was full with food!!!
everytime sleep over rumah dia memang xsempat nak lapar haha

then ada sesi fotografi
mandi kolam
main water baloon
main bunga api 
seronok sgt
tp ni last year la happening mcm ni
lepas ni tinggal aku sorang je
rmai adik2 ni dah graduate 
termasuk la housemate aku
not ready for that
seriously weh
hopefully Allah hantar pengganti utk menceriakan hidup aku mcam diorang ni

berbuka kat rumah aunty ida in Scottsdale

buat kuih rayaaaa

Phoenix Convention Center for solat raya

our Mama Jun

our juadah d pagi raya..

rumah student biasalah simple hehe

raya kt rumah Kak Carol

team bakar satay

before kena serang dgn water balloon haha

okay lah
tu je cerita raya
until next post!!!

p/s:doakan perjalanan phd aku taw...nyawa2 ikan nih huhu