Friday, July 19, 2019

Second Trimester

Yesterday I turned 14 weeks officially
We had a doctor's appointment to check on our little one
Everything went well alhamdulillah
Our baby was so active
She doesn't want to stop moving and giving the doctor hard time to get a clear picture of her (I'm just referring it as she because I'm praying inside it will be a girl hahaha)
I had lime slushie on my way to the hospital, maybe that's the reason she was super active
My friend shared with me that the baby will be active if mom eat or drink something sweet
Now it all makes sense 
We did an ultrasound to see the baby development
Everything looks great alhamdulillah
This appointment was also meant to be for the down syndrome screening to see the percentage of having a down syndrome baby
This is normal procedure here int he US
The doctor also draw my blood for further testing

Look at her, so cute!
I think she got Dada's nose hahaha
Our next appointment we will get to see the gender
Seriously I can't wait for that
I don't mind if it's a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy and everything is perfect :)

Friday, July 12, 2019

Escape to California

I've been missing the ocean so much since Arizona don't have it
Obviously, because it's a desert here
So, without planning, we decide to go to California
My husband had 4 days off and it was a perfect time to go
Runaway from Arizona heat for a breezy ocean (what's better than that?!)
We drove fro 6 hours to Los Angeles and spent the night there
We get to enjoy Santa Monica Pier and took a ride on the Pacific Wheels
Ahhhhhh it was so awesome!
I really need that at that particular moment
Then, by the end of the day, we drove an hour away to Long Beach
Spent the night there and got the chance to enjoy the ocean again at the Seal Beach
The water temperature was perfect!
Weather was really nice
Summer in California is like Spring in Arizona
Ahhhhh heaven!
Then I also get to enjoy walking on the pier by the beach since all beach here has the pier
It's so cool!
I also get to eat Nasi Ayam Penyet that I've been craving because we don't have Indonesian Restaurant in Arizona
My husband really loved it!
This guy loves everything as long as the food is good hahahha

Sunday, July 7, 2019

EID 2019 and Weekend getaway

This year we don't celebrate Eid like last year
We didn't attend some open house invitation due to my health condition
I enjoy staying at home, Netflix and chill instead of hanging out with a lot of people
I think it's the pregnancy hormone
This is not me haha
I am an extrovert person and I like to socialize but somehow dealing with this pregnancy make me so tired and all I want to do is rest at home all day every day
But we did attend one open house in Scottsdale at Aunty Ida's house because we promised her since Ramadhan 

This is my family here in Arizona

A couple of days after Eid, I became so tired and bored
Being cranky and keep on begging my husband to take me on a trip even though I was not feeling well
Ended up he agreed to take me for a weekend getaway which is not so far from our town
I was hoping to go to California but it's quite far and my body was not ready for 6 hours driving trip
My husband took me to Flagstaff, it's located in the north side of Arizona
On a mountain which 7000 above sea level
It's so beautiful and the weather was very nice, around 60-70 Fahrenheit'
We stayed at Airbnb, a townhouse that belongs to the local
They were the best host ever
VEry clean and beautiful house
They give us some tips about where to visit
The wife also prepared us breakfast the next morning, she also packed us some snacks for our trip back to Tempe
Such a nice person!

Beautiful room by the mountain

We stopped by at Grand Canyon before we continue our journey to Flagstaff. This was my third time in Grand Canyon but every time is a different season with a different person

I can sit and enjoy this beauty all day long. For sure I'm gonna miss this once we move to Malaysia 

Dinner at Thai restaurant. The food was amazing! We were impressed

The host prepare us breakfast before we continue our journey to Sedona

My first time at Slide Rock Canyon in Sedona. It was amazing! Such a beautiful nature

Current update :)


Alhamdulillah perjalanan PhD so far okay
I am trying to graduate by the end of this year
So Fall 2019 ni kena defend thesis 
The journey to arrive at this point was not easy
Hanya org2 yg terdekat dgn aku je tahu apa yg aku lalui
Org kt social media hanya nmpk kegembiraan je huhu
Actually, my plan was to sit for the comprehensive exam this summer but ada sorang committee member buat lecey la
dah 3 minggu still xdpt lg soalan
SO aku menanti dengan sabar je la
Comprehensive exam ni mcm ni: kita akan bg outline of our research dekat all committee member yg tersiri drpd 4 org professor termasuk lah sv kita, then each of them akan bg soalan that related to our research, then kita akan diberi masa selama 10 hari utk jawab soalan tu then kita kena present depan diorang semua after that
Kalau xlepas comprehensive exam, maka kecundanglah perjlanan phd anda (nauzubillah)
Plannya summer nk settle comprehensive exam, fall settle proposal defense and thesis defense
Yes, kt sini memang proposal defense lewat sikit, about 90% research is done
So itulah plan asalnya tp nmpk mcm bakal drag ke spring 2020 je ni
Sbb rule dia xleh buat 3 presentation dlm 1 semester
So we will see
We can only plan tp Allah menentukan
So sabar je lah
Tawakal, usaha and doa

Oh, by the way, I have some announcement to make
Alhamdulillah Allah give us a priceless present this summer
I am currently 12 weeks pregnant
Syukur alhamdulillah
We still don't know it's gender yet, we have to wait 8 more weeks for the scan
We did have 2 early scans at 7 weeks and 9 weeks, alhamdulillah our little peanut is healthy
We can't wait to see you again on the screen sayang

As for food craving, I craved for various kind of food. I am blessed because I have a husband and friends that always willing to grant my wishes!

this is Uzbek bread. I made it with the help pf my husband. He loves this bread so much and somehow I become an expert making Uzbek bread after becoming his wife haha

My friend was willing to accompany me to enjoy Vietnamese pho since my husband doesn't really like this kinda food.

Homemade nasi kukus ayam berempah

Japanese cuisine at Kabuki restaurant 

Black pepper chicken chop with chakoi 

So ummi and my sister dah plan nk dtg sini to take care of me for pantang
Since I am planning to graduate by December, I am praying to Allah that he/she will arrive after that
The expected due date will be January 16,2020 (baby wawasan 2020 ni hehe)
I am happy and content with my life right now, alhamdulillah
Cubaaan dan dugaan tu normal la dlm rumahtangga
It's a ll about give and take
Accept each other and try to tolerate, sabar dlm apa jua keadaan (easier said than done) hahaha

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Trip to Malaysia 2018


Rajin pula malam ni nak menaip
testing mabook baru hahahaha
so apa salahnya update blog kan
dah lama giler x update
2018 paling malas sekali ebb busy exploring new life as a wife :P

so actually kitorang berpeluang visit Malaysia during winter break 2018
misi utama sbb nk register kahwin 
sub kahwin kt sini kan
so kena la bawak balık husband n semua dokuman ke Pjbt kadi

the trip was fun!
even though its just a short trip
10 days je weh
tp we did almost everything that we suppose to do
and family Aku happy sit dpt jumper husband for the first time
semua org sayang dia weh
kalah iolls 

dari arizona ke Los Angeles kitorang roadtrip
sbb flight from LAX to KL

wajah2 kepenatan
ni dekat LAX tunggu flight ke Shanghai

paling seronok dlm flight dpt whole row...boleh baringgg

dah sampai Shanghai, sejuk gilos nasib baik LA pon sejuk, so dah memang bawak jaket siap2


6 hours later sampai KL yeayyyyy

then kitorang stay the night defat airport hotel KLIA 2

dpt la hilangkan sengal2 otot ni after 2 days journey
esok paging breakfast disediakan
apa lagi, nasi lemak timeeeee

then flight terus ke KB

wajib la breakfast kt kopitiam kita

and the rest just some highlights of the trip

satay time

ziarah arwah abah

another walimah in Malaysia (after 1 year kahwin) haha

my sisters

my crazy uncle and aunty

jalan2 cari makan and beach time

visit nenda

street food life yummyyyyyy
I miss all this so much!

chillin at secret recipe with my hubby

visiting KL on our last day

thanks to my beautiful friend sudi jadi our tour guide

time to go back to USA T_T

15 hours transit in Shanghai was horrible

nasib ada family mart....bahagia kejap haha

sampai LA terus makan mediterranean food... punya la rindu kan

sampai Tempe dah krismas

berakhirlah short trip kami
rindu sgt
xsabar nak balik malaysia for good
doakan dipermudahkan uruapan kami

until next post

with love,