Sunday, December 30, 2012


smlm bru dpt new task from my sv
rabu ni dia nk tgk da siap
i have no problm with the date
tp mslhnya,dr smlm lg dok cari software yg bole guna xde lg ni!!
mcm mna ak nk teruskan dgn kje lain
ok mcm ni
i have to combine multiple xml files become one
so,how can i combine it??
it is ridiculous for me to do it one by one bcoz i have thousands of it
thats why i must use the provided tools
i have found one but it didnt give it for free
i must buy it
i try to search again n again but until now i still couldnt find the solution evethough i have 3 more steps to think n settle on before wednesday
nobody gonna help me
huwaaaaaaa T_T
i put all my effort to do this
it takes all my time
tp still xjumpa
arghhh!!!pakcik google ni memg xnak kawan ngan sy ek???
kwn2 pon xpenah guna this kind of tools
mcm mna nk truskan noxt step kalo the first step pon xselesai lg
hari ni da hri isnin
esok da selasa
lusa sv da nk tgk
Ya Allah permudahkanlah keje long
tolg la tunjukkan jalan
long da pening
mungkin xyah stress pon sbnrnya kalo org tu hebat
kalo org hebat baca,mesti dorg ckap"eleh,tu pon nk stress!chill la!benda simple je kot"
tp sy budak bru belajar~~~~
xpe3...long kan kuat
long can handle this
small matter je ni long
switch mind long
u dont need anything just appear by itself
u have to find it
all the best long
long bole buat
org lain buat bole,xkan long xbole
lets continue with the searching mode~~~


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