Monday, December 17, 2012

oh my research~~


"the beginning is always hard",quoted by seniors...yes!!!and im facing it right now

awal2 memg excited giler nk further study...a week,2week,3week,1 month

i come out with nothing

makin byk i bca ,makin i xtaw apa research yg i nk buat sbnrnya???

it keep haunting me days and night

encik sv plak ke UK last 3weeks

ibarat budak kecik hilang mak la,boleh diumpamakan begitu situasi i last few weeks

with new tools and things to work on

lots of things to study


but,my co-sv da tunjukkan jalan td

from pening2,now i can schedule my day

start with my research with a happy mood

biasa la,bru nk belajar bertatih kan

master,full research mode-->its not as simple as i thought previously...haha

but,in Shaa Allah i can do this...Allah kan ada~~apa nk risau

kalo xtahu,encik sv ada,co-sv punya la baik,lecturers lain pon rmai lg sedia membantu..

dont worry long....dont worry

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