Friday, July 15, 2011


i have such a great evening today
guess why????
fulfill my PRECIOUS time with my old school members
with such a wonderful decoration by anis n me...hehe

all members must bring their own dessert so that all of us can enjoy them together
for me,i make my homemade caramel puding which is the simplest one i thought
but my guess were not right...haha
there's also my fren who brought a cocktail puding ...hehe
so,my dessert was not the simplest one!!!=p
but,sincerely,it was so wonderful
to spent time with them
laugh together
eat together
and of course....shooting time!!!!!!!haha

but i didn't brng my own olympus
so,no pic yet
have to wait for them to upload it first
quickly guys
cant wait to see all of us were smiling with such a happy face....with full tummy....haha

i luv u guys
i love all my old school frens
friends until death....huhu

(pics followed after they upload them)

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