Friday, February 15, 2013

how i spend my last weekend with BFF

last weekend long blik klate
not only me,but also all my bff
so happyyyy sbb dpt gather
jarang2 je 7org SGG ni ckup korum kan
bila dpt jumpa,mulut sume mcm popcorn
sume isu nk dibincangkan
well~~~sgg uollsssss
xnk ckp pnjg
just nk share our happiness being together
memandangkan this weekend sadis je dok blik ngadap lappy sbb this sunday nk jupe sv
dpt igt saat2 indah pon ok la~~~
normal life kan...

begitulah kisahnya~~~tahniah to our friend (teha) for her marriage with dat kuantan guy...hopefully u will have baby soon!!!!

with LOVE,


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