Sunday, January 27, 2013

someday,i'm going to travel the world~~

hello dear readers(mcm la ad org bca kan~~)...haha

suddenly i feel like vacation mood is calling me right now
maybe bcoz i miss my bff damn much
bff here merujuk kpd-->sgg,ccggsp n 7diva
miss them sooooo much
normally we will spend sometime if we're on public holiday or semester break

i wish i could travel the world with them

ccggsp-->we have been to perhentian island last year 
feel like i owned the island
the smooth breeze
the white sand
the smile of my friends
the joyful while 'snorkling'
all those moment cannot be paid by anyone

 huwaaaa....damn miss this moment
ocean blue!!!
besties,when will we spend another vacation???
it's become hard for us to gather like this again
yaaa,everyone with their own commitment
kuntum with her family(newborn baby)
iqa with her wedding preparation
buyong on her way to engagement
una also
everyone is working 5days per week,10hours per day
uolls in south,me in east...we were so far separated by miles
how can we have a leisure time again???

this is 7diva
the member were 7 of us (ex-mpp)
in this pics only me,dexna,kak ada n rashid
3 of us didn't join bcoz of study commitment
this is the pics when we spend 4days in kg.salak,sarawak
we were soooooo happy bcoz we haven't spend time together like this for a year i thought
at that time we feel like never coming back to peninsular
bcoz we have so much fun there
we also bring together ustaz rusdi,my auntie n rashid's sis
all of us hang out like we owned the world
hmmmm...miss my adopt family sooo much
maybe by the enf of 2013 i will go back there

this time was in early 2012
we organize a programme to Ulu tembeling,taman negara, n kuala gandah in pahang
it was the first time i experienced to touch a phyton
so geli~~~~nyah~~~
before reach there,i was dreaming to hold a yellow phyton
but, it sicks dat day
cannot came out from its 'sangkar'
sooo pity
ok la
the 'batik' one is enough for me

*drum rolls*
i present to u my gorgeous group of gril friends

we spend our weekend at Perdana resort
so gila2 penat
bayangkan absolutely full day!!!
arrive there,celebrate dee's bday,some photoshoot at the beach,bbq at night,swimming in the morning
all of us collapse bila balik rumah
our parent pon da expect kitorg memg akan all out everytime we met n have some time together
ye la
not easy to gather 7 of us
everyone ada yg da kje,bljr,futher n so on
luckily still bachelor sume
if sorang married,i cannot even imagine how SGG will turn into~~~hahahaha

there's a lot more vacation i have with besties but i malas nk edit2 byk gmbr 
malas nk godek2 dlm cd sbb da burn already all those pics yg lama2 kan
so,i hope one i can travel the world with m bff
seronoknya korang kalo kita dpt jd backpackers and kita pusing aroud europe
pastu release kjap dkt maldives
naik gondola dkt venice
singgah istanbul mkn roti
oh,seronoknya hidup
is it possible???
i wish i could

diary of illusion,


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