Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I’m a research student, I have no life!!!!

Yes, currently, I am research student. My dissertation is about Image Processing. But, that is not the one who makes me have no life… The thing is, I feel so lonely n miss my fellow friends damn much..
Every day I woke up early in the morning (early for me is 8am!)…haha,ok,continue….ready myself n start my car n drive alone to campus..we, as a research students were given one room that shared with 6 of us..i enjoy being there with them..we can share anything either about our research or life..But, I feel, I don’t have a really joy like previously I have when I use to study here during my first degree studies...
Stay there until 5pm…went home…stay at home all night…continue with my research or watching movie for release….and sleep-----zzzzzzzzzzzz
I repeat the routine everyday..Almost 2weeks already n I have masalah jiwa ok!!! I don’t know what happen to me but seriously,I kena tukar la my routine…I kena find ways to entertain myself…haha…rasa mcm nk dok hostel je…kalo dok hostel,boring2 bleh g lepak café…makan sambil tgk org…haih….boring betol…maybe sbb xbiasa lg kot….i will get use to this routine one day…just give me a month!!

no life!!!!!!!!!!

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