Wednesday, January 2, 2013

phewwww....settle satu masalah

mcm ni ceritanya
last monday i just got an offer letter from unisza that offering me the post graduate study full time mode
by the time im here from 18november2012,i have already started my research under my selected SV la
so,suddenly when i read the offer letter,stated there that my first sv changed n my current sv that supervising me right now become the second one
how could this happen right?
it never happen before based on my seniors experience la kan
so,i xpuas hati la
i pon call la the PPs(department that incharge about post graduate study)
to ask about this probs la
they told me that they didnt have any right to change the application
they said it was determined by  faculty that applied by me
this is huge thing for me
i have started with my sv and co-sv already
n the stated sv in my offer letter,for sure have no idea that i already here for a month and started my research ealier than it supposed to be

i have weekly meeting with my current sv
i pon tanya dia whether he knows about this then he said yes! n he also surprise when reading the offer letter actually
dia pon trus call committee(incharge in taking student to futher post graduate study in FIT)
10minutes after that they have short meeting n everything settle
syukur padaMU Ya Allah

so,ad new task given by my sv
rsa xsbr nk continue buat keje
im addicted with this kind of work i guess
semoga smgt dan kekuatan Kau beri padaku ini akan berkekalan
supaya ak tidak jatuh dan mudah mengalah dlm mengejar impian dan cita2ku utk menjadi pendidik bangsa

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