Saturday, August 13, 2011

xsalah jarang2 bg reward kt dri sndri

each person have their own way how to reward themselves
by shopping and buy all the things that attracted to them
by eating what they wanna eat
by holiday or trip to such a lovely place around the world

today,i give my body or "stomach" chance to eat
for the time being,i have to control what meal served and make a choice whether take it or leave it i eat what i want
after about 3month i leave rice from my daily menu,today i take it
just to reward myself

n i prepare my own spagheti bolognese
i really dying to eat that spagheti
so,without wait for any second,just went to supermarket n bought the the needed things for me to prepare the meal
my fren said "cant you just buy the meal......????"
no3.......i love to prepare it myself
(dalam proses bljr masak kan)haha
soon will upload the pictures.....hehe....

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